Privacy Policy

MSMI is committed to respecting the privacy of an individual. The institution makes every effort to protect an individual’s personal information and to be treat all information collected with confidentiality. Registering or signing-up to the Portal’s services entails providing the necessary information: personal information, beneficiary information and contact details; job preference(s); identification and licenses; educational attainments; work experiences and trainings and language proficieny(ies). These information are necessary for MSMI to perform various processes in order for MSMI to deliver its services for the applicants, crew and principals, and other third party, which may have oversight to the business of the company. The information that are gathered in this site will be shared with the foreign employers in response to their manpower requirements. The MSMI may use the applicants’ contact information in order to send them e-mail or other communications regarding updates of their application at the msmi’s address. The nature and frequency of these messages will vary depending upon the application status of the applicants. The same communications or notifications can be accessed from the MSMI ePortal’s component of the e-Services Portal.


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